January 23, 2018



February 12, 2018

I received my back scratch scrubber as a gift and I love how simple it is to use and how incredible it makes my back feel! Now this is a gift that someone can really use and love!


Response from The Üya Company

Hi Tammy! Thank you for the wonderful feedback! We are so happy that you are enjoying your new Back Scratch Scrubber… Did you know that your Lüfas can be rotated to be used on all 4 sides? This way, they’ll stay scrubbing even longer! (Here is a short video explaining how: Rotating & Replacing Lüfas) If there is anything else we can do to help you with your new Back Scratch Scrubber Tammy, please do not hesitate in reaching out… From now on, we’ve got your back! Love, The Üya Company™

I’m a three time cancer survivor

December 19, 2017

& I love my UYA scrubber! It helps me each day to massage my back and neck. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to relax and enjoy your daily shower.

Reagan Everett

Response from The Üya Company

🏅Reagan Everett you are our hero! Thank you so very much for your kind words 🙌 Just knowing we are able to help you be more comfortable in your struggles with cancer & li-fraumeni syndrome, makes every thing worth it. We hope you enjoy the year’s supply of spare lüfas coming your way. 😉 Happy Holidays! Reagan & her dad are founders of the The TitanTough21 Foundation which was formed to find a cure for Li-Fraumeni Syndrome & to help families pay their cancer bills. Learn more about their incredible foundation by going to TitanTough21.org <3


December 3, 2017

I feel much more prepared for the day ahead after a good Back Scratch Scrubbing! Now that I know what it is to truly feel 100% clean, I’m not sure I could go back!


Response from The Üya Company

Joyce, Your feedback is so very much appreciated, thank you! We also noticed you signed up for our Email Newsletter, YAY! (You’ll save a whole bunch on replacement lüfas now too<3) Love, The Üya Company™

This thing has not left my side!

November 14, 2017

I use it multiple times a day for when I have those incredibly annoying back itch “attacks”. Not sure how I ever went without a Back Scratch Scrubber.


Response from The Üya Company

We know precisely what you mean & are happy to be your source of relief from those AWFUL itch attacks.. Thanks so much for your feedback! Love, The Üya Company™

Love it.

November 5, 2017

What a Treat! A simple solution to my itching frustrations…I had already “back scratched” most of the paint from my door frame. Love it!


Response from The Üya Company

Glad to help you save on paint! The door frame is an absolute lifesaver when you’re in a pinch, but nothing beats a full scale back scratch<3 Did you know The Back Scratch Scrubber can be placed on most ANY wall, without damage? This way you can take it with you anywhere you go, just be sure follow our video or written instructions on removal.. Don't hesitate in reaching out via phone or email should you have any trouble at all, we are here to help! 1 (833) THE-BSSR Contact@TheUyaCompany.com Love, The Üya Company™

I absolutely love it!

November 1, 2017

I absolutely love this product. My back feels cleaner than it has my entire life. Truly a welcomed addition to my daily routine…


Response from The Üya Company

We are so happy you feel this way Pam! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your feedback<3 Love, The Üya Company™

Facebook Review

October 30, 2017

I LOVE THIS THING!!!!! I have two blue scrubbers with crystal backdrops and they are GORGEOUS!! The suction actually stays while you are rubbing your back with it, which I was initially worried about. The texture of the lüfas is perfect for this, not too hard and not too soft! Assembly is super easy and the directions are very clear. The pictures help answer any questions that may arise. I will say that their attention to detail really shined through because I noticed they even showed which direction the little nub should be facing on the suction cup itself for easy removal! I really liked that. The directions left literally no room for error, I was very impressed!! I think it is the perfect size! I love shimmy-ing side to side on it and getting my back scratched while I exfoliate. Especially as a woman with long hair, I end up getting so much shampoo and conditioner to run down my back that it’s good to get it all off! Another thing I love about this, is you don’t have to take time to take a bath to use this! This is for any time you take a shower! We are excited to give my boyfriend’s parents this as a gift! I think they will really enjoy it! This is the perfect gift to give as all ages would enjoy this!


Response from The Üya Company

(From Facebook) 😍 We are so happy to hear you are enjoying your new Back Scratch Scrubbers & thank you so very much for the kind words! 😊 Please let us know how your boyfriend’s parents enjoy theirs as well! We are here to help should you need anything at all.. You can send us a message through Facebook, Instagram, or even chat with us on our website: www.theuyacompany.com Love, The Üya Company™

Facebook Review

October 5, 2017

I feel my back getting smoother and cleaner every day I use this thing! It’s amazing nobody thought of this before.. Definitely grabbing a few now (while the code UYA10 still works) to hand out as Christmas presents!


Response from The Üya Company

(From Facebook) Thank you so much for your feedback! <3 It really IS amazing! We are incredibly honored to assist you & the rest of the world in finally reaching the unreachable! We've got your back Nancy! Love, The Üya Company™

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