January 11, 2018

The Backstory


begins one morning around 2 AM in FL, USA

The First Back Scratch Scrubber

“Necessity is the mother of all Invention.”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve seen my dad struggle with those back scratching “hands-on-a-stick”…

You know the ones?

Well, one fateful morning, at around 2am, he woke from a dream; a dream in which he experienced exactly what he needed to end his life-long, ‘itchy back’ battle.

Wide awake, inspired, not wanting to waste one moment; he quietly ran to the garage; grabbing the only thing he could find to create the basic structure of his vision; a hard plastic neon-yellow clipboard.

He then spent the following 2 hours hand-carving the form until he had the essential shapes and the humble beginnings of his first ever Back Scratch Scrubber… & it functioned fantastically, well almost!

Reaching the Root of the problem..

Scrubbing your back daily has always been so uncomfortable & unrealistic, until now!

The fact that it allowed easy & hands-free access to the absolute hardest to reach area of the human body, meant that we needed to make it count & go after the root of the problem.

We constantly neglect our back when we shower.

Every other solution to this widespread hygiene shortcoming requires a full range of arm & body mobility, which frankly, not everyone has.

Something as common as having sore muscles from last night’s work out or even having too much muscle, can limit you from using any of these “alternatives-on-a-stick”. Age, injury & disability can make it impossible.

Once we understood the core issue, we got to work.

We Reevaluated the Clipboards

“Our Goal: to find a balance between design & function.”

We knew clipboards were not the answer, but they were a beginning. Not only that, it proved my Dad’s idea worked! We went on to try all kinds of shapes, materials & loofahs in the year that followed. Whatever we couldn’t find, we designed and created… The Back Scratch Scrubber, The (Damage-Free) Multi-Surface Hooks & The Lüfa Straps are all currently Patent-Pending!

What is Üya?



The sound you make when relief, comfort & joy collide…

From Family to Reality

The many obstacles we faced only brought us closer as a family & made us more determined…”

We pulled together all our skills, knowledge, resources & family to work on creating a product that was not only practical and useful… but a beautiful product that people would be proud to show off in their homes.

Going into this, we knew it wouldn’t be easy; but as a family, we powered through every obstacle that came our way, knowing that we had a product that could really help people.

It has been incredibly rewarding to see the reactions after people test The Back Scratch Scrubber for the first time and get to feel how wonderfully it works & how much cleaner and smoother they feel after even just the first use.

We feel the difference as well & only hope to help others see the benefits in skin, health & confidence you feel from daily hands-free exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, improve back circulation, minimize back pores, & reduce breakouts; revealing smooth, glowing, youthful skin…

From now on, we’ve got your back!

Our Mission Is Clear..



We can imagine a world where everyone can cleanse 100% of their bodies daily & effortlessly… Can you?

Provide the World

with Comfort

Relief, Comfort & Joy. Ideally, we would like to achieve World Peace.. but we needed to start somewhere.

We are currently

100% Assembled in the USA

Our goal is to support American Manufacturing & Provide American Jobs. The only items not Made in the USA are The Lüfas & Removal Tool

Assess, Target & Challenge


We are committed to challenging discomfort, wherever we find it and with every product we create. Starting with getting your Back!

Shout Outs!

Seagull Services

Assists individuals with life challenges by providing education, training, employment, residential services, community integration and support services.

We are working with Seagull Services to assemble a manageable quantity of Back Scratch Scrubbers for us!

Learn more at:

The TitanTough21 Foundation

An amazing foundation formed to find a cure for Li-Fraumeni Syndrome. Li-Fraumeni Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that greatly increases the risk of developing several types of cancer, particularly in children and young adults. In addition, they work hard to help families pay their cancer bills.

Learn more at:

47 Films

A Digital Filmmaking Company based in Broward County, Florida.

Really, a great company with great people.

Learn more on Facebook:

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