January 11, 2018


The Back

Scratch Scrubber

– Assembly & Installation Instructions –


to a whole new level of clean

Step 1

Select the surface you will be using, then measure your desired height & attach the corresponding cup or hook.

Suction Cups

for smooth surfaces

Multi-Surface Hooks

For Rough surfaces

Step 2

Clean the area well & then press firmly against the wall surface you previously selected, measured & cleaned.

Tile Wall


If you are using Suction Cups, there is no need to peel tape, or go any further…


Interior Wall




You are done!

Now Take A Breather & Watch

The Dancing Bear

Have an Üya Moment!

(See Below for Further Instructions on Rotating/Replacing your Lüfas & Damage-Free Removal of the Multi-Surface Hooks)

This video was created using triggered motion sensor cameras by the USGS. Never approach wildlife.

Rotating & Replacing

YOUR lÜfas

We recommend a 1/4 turn rotation every 10 uses & complete replacement after all sides have been used

Damage-Free Removal

Of Multi-Surface Hooks

(Suction Cups are easily removed by tugging on the little Suction Cup tabs)

Tile Wall


Interior Wall


Exterior Wall


Safety Cautions & Intended Use Guidelines

PLEASE use your Back Scratch Scrubber responsibly and safely.
Our Safety Cautions and Intended Usage Guidelines MUST be read prior to the Assembly and Installation Instructions.

Safety Cautions:

PLEASE KEEP all plastic wrappers and small parts out of the reach of children. These are Choking Hazards. PLEASE BE CERTAIN that your back easily reaches The Back Scratch Scrubber when selecting your mounting wall. Stretching or exerting yourself while pressing your back against The Back Scratch Scrubber could result in slipping, falling or serious injury. PLEASE DO NOT stand on a slippery, soapy, slick or irregular surface while using The Back Scratch Scrubber; a serious slip, fall or injury could occur. PLEASE DO NOT use The Back Scratch Scrubber on an area of red, broken or irritated skin. If any skin irritation occurs after usage, please contact your primary physician or dermatologist for medical evaluation prior to continuing use. PLEASE DO NOT use The Back Scratch Scrubber near an open flame or excessive heat. The Back Scratch Scrubber is NOT fire retardant. Suction Cups may loosen over time, always secure before use. We have designed The Back Scratch Scrubber Tablet with hard, plastic Bristles to keep your Lüfas firmly in place during use. It is important to NEVER leave The Back Scratch Scrubber unattended while the Lüfas are off of the tablet, with the hard, plastic bristles exposed; especially around children. Please promptly dispose of any of The Back Scratch Scrubber Tablet Bristles should they break off, as this may pose as a slipping hazard and/or choking hazard for children and animals. Your Back Scratch Scrubber should continue to firmly hold the Lüfas in place, should any of the Tablet Bristles break. The Back Scratch Scrubber was designed with an opening to be used as handle for easy transportation, this opening is NOT to be used in any way shape or form as a “Grab Bar” or any form of stability support.

Intended Use

We developed our Back Scratch Scrubber to promote a cleaner, smoother, healthier and itch-free back. We recommend dry usage for gently scratching your back. We recommend wet usage for a scrubbing and exfoliating. We recommend both wet or dry usage to provide a degree of exfoliation previously only available during an expensive back facial or with awkward hand held devices. We recommend a quarter-turn rotation of the Lüfas after 10 usages and a complete replacement of Lüfas after all sides have been used.

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Written Instructions

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