The Back

Scratch Scrubber

The Complete back Skin Care System for

Scratching - Scrubbing - Exfoliating - Lathering - Stimulating - Soothing - Massaging

Your Back, Hands-free, Every Time You Shower



Use Dry, for a Large-Spectrum, Itch-Relieving Scratch


Finally, a way to Scrub the most neglected area of our body Daily & Effortlessly


Apply your favorite Body Wash or Scrub for a deeply Satisfying, Massage-like Cleansing


Exfoliate to fully remove Dirt & Dead Skin for a Clean, Healthy & Attractive Back

Target that itch!

Target any Specific Itch as soon as it occurs or Target the Entire Area.

All ages & sizes

Install at any height desired Everybody can enjoy a good Back Scratch Scrubbing!

A Whole New Level of Clean

Feel the Benefits of Exfoliating on a Daily Basis. Your Need for Expensive Back Facials & Other Back Cleansing Procedures Can Come to an End.

•   Exfoliate
•   Minimize Pores
•   Reduce Breakouts

The Right Tool for The Job

Begin Enjoying the Only Effective Solution for Scratching a Large Area at Once & Finally Target that Troublesome Itch!

•   Scratch Large Area‌s
•   Stimulate Circulation
•   Remove Dirt, Sweat & Dead Skin

We Are Here for Everybody

A Perfect Solution for Those Suffering from a Lack of Flexibility and/or Physical Limitation from Age or Physical Injury.

•   Ages 10 & Up
•   Lack of Flexibility
•   Physical Limitation?

The Back Scratch Scrubber

Choose between Pink, Blue or Crystal (Transparent) Color Backboards - We call them "Collections"


The Lüfas

Once you've chosen your Backboard or "Collection" Color - Choose any 1 of our 4 Lüfa Colors: Sky (Blue), Sand (Beige), Sunrise (Pink), Cloud (White)

Choose Yours!

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